What do we mean by “church”, “ministry” and “mission”?

Kingdom Comprehensive is happy to help any follower of Jesus Christ endeavoring to advance the Kingdom of God – regardless of whether the organization falls into an obvious church, ministry or mission, or whether it is doing so in another way.

But what is a church, ministry or mission? Well, that may not be an easy answer in the larger sense, but I want to clarify what we mean when we talk about them at Kingdom Comprehensive.

Traditionally, a church is a body of believers that gather to praise and worship God, nurture the members and to impact the community through outreach. A ministry is a specialized area of focus that primarily focuses inward towards the Body of Christ. A mission is similar to a ministry, but primarily focuses outside the Body of Christ. Both ministries and missions can be tied to a church, but both can also be independent.

At Kingdom Comprehensive, we focus on churches, ministries and missions because those organizations or endeavors have a deep, basic need for legal, accounting and leadership advice–much like secular companies–and this is the ministry God has equipped me for and called me to serve in.

However, let me be clear that there are businesses outside of “traditional” ministries/missions that also focus on and accomplish Kingdom purposes. The Lehman Brothers (owners of over 100 real estate offices in 33 states) said “Your title and where you are paid does not determine whether you are in full time ministry or not.” They routinely teach their people directly from the Bible. THAT is Kingdom focus! Also, many Chick-Fil-A owners think of their restaurants as a “leadership academy that happens to sell chicken and fries.” That is also Kingdom purpose! Secularly-focused jobs, businesses and hobbies can accomplish Kingdom purposes too!

As mentioned above, Kingdom Comprehensive is happy to help you in your Kingdom-focused endeavor!

So, if Kingdom Comprehensive is really a ministry, why is there a charge? Well, this is for a couple of reasons:
First, I need to provide for my family.
Second, there is a responsibility that comes with paid services that is different than when someone offers free advice. There is also a value placed on paid services or paid advice that just isn’t there in free advice.

Sometimes it is hard to discern a difference before you actually partake. A fast food burger has many of the same properties as a gourmet burger from a local chef, but they are worlds apart. Similarly, there is a difference between a “googleable” contract and one that is crafted and honed by counsel that is focused on your specific needs and goals.

We are focused on helping your organization first, so contact us and experience the difference!