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There are several examples in the Bible of kings consulting with advisors before making decisions. In fact, many times the advisors were the ones responsible for the success or demise of the kings. (Of course, the KING was responsible, because the King was the one that ultimately chose to either follow or disregard the advice.) […]

What do we mean by “church”, “ministry” and “mission”?

Kingdom Comprehensive is happy to help any follower of Jesus Christ endeavoring to advance the Kingdom of God – regardless of whether the organization falls into an obvious church, ministry or mission, or whether it is doing so in another way. But what is a church, ministry or mission? Well, that may not be an […]


Kingdom Comprehensive’s focus is one thing, and one thing only: to help your organization fulfill God’s purpose for it. We do that by providing sound, prayerful advice to help your organization navigate the complex world we live in. We provide advice quickly, efficiently and focused on YOUR organizations main goal. Most of the time when […]