There are several examples in the Bible of kings consulting with advisors before making decisions. In fact, many times the advisors were the ones responsible for the success or demise of the kings. (Of course, the KING was responsible, because the King was the one that ultimately chose to either follow or disregard the advice.)

At Kingdom Comprehensive, we are not trying to jump into the same pool as other christian legal ministries that provide free legal representation when religious liberties are threatened. Rather, we exist to provide advice to the leaders of churches, ministries and missions on the day-to-day operations. We want to be involved long before there is a “legal issue” and advise how to best set up the organization to be able to avoid the legal issue altogether!

We want to look at the contract before it is signed and before there is a dispute over the terms. We want to advise on employee policies and liability waivers before there is any litigation, real or threatened! We want to advise on accounting practices before the audit! We want to advise on how to handle the required meetings and properly make changes to the governing documents before litigation is looming! THAT is our passion!

We want to provide prayerful advise on the front end.

We are happy to work with your organization if you need an attorney to handle a specific issue that is already occurring, but we also exist to demonstrate the value of getting us involved at the outset.

So please contact us! We want to help!